Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Creations on Heartful Creations New Blog Design

These are my Newest Creations getting ready to be posted in my Etsy Shoppe. The last of the lavender flower little dishes that I had for my Spring Nest, the other set Sold already and I only had 4 of these little beauties. The Sweet bunny is the only one I have and is an antique store find of Fenton art glass retired in the Year 2000, so it is a collectible in itself. Such delicate beauty. I hope you enjoy my latest creations and my new blog dress, some get Easter dresses I have a Blog dress created by Karen of  Valentine Designs, I'm just lovin' it! Way more fun than new clothes to me!


Jennifer said...

Very pretty blog design!! love the lace.... and your new eggs are gorgous. Have a nice week marilou!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilou!
Your new design is just gorgeous and so are your latest creations. You are one talented lady!

art2cee2 said...

Beautiful blog design!

Daniella said...

Your work is so gorgeous!! I am loving everything!!

You are so right!! I was so sad the other day about this whole blog/fb thing. I was like "where do I go? Why are the people there not nice?" and of course, I've alsoo met some AMAZING people too!! Which reminded me why I need to remember my word of the year "PATIENCE"!!! Sometimes it is hard, but then a true friend like you shows up and BANG! Gives me ANOTHER place to visit!! That looks like a great place! How did you know I was getting lost?/? You are just awesome like that!!!

Do you go there daily? Weekly? It seems like a big thing, and I want to be prepared, and know what to expect. KWIM?

Thank you for being awesome!! I need to "stalk" your sidebar I think!!!


Daniella said...

ugh did I sound like a mental patient? or just desparate? ack.

Cat/gypsye? Nurse met me on fb. I am a nurse too, we chatted, I went to her other blog. Then, today, she comes to my blog and I saw she has another one! Which led me to.....on and on.

i'm sorry! i am clearly a handful.

Cindy Lew's Studio said...

I just love the little nests and all you have, its so pretty. I tried to find a couple of nests, but I guess I waited to long because they were all gone:-(

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your week.

Hugs, CindyLew

Maison Mutt said...

Love the little nest & the feathers are the perfect touch! Happy PS from your newest follower ~Niki

Janet Bernasconi said...

Oh what a pretty blog you have. I am your newest follower. Thanks for visiting me. I will definitely be back again. Have a great week. Love your creations!
Janets Creative Pillows