Sunday, June 30, 2013

On The Boardwalk

Sharing some Tag Art here I just created for a Swap I host over at Roses On My Table. Some summer creative fun!
Just a reminder that tomorrow Google will be making changes in our feed for blogs so I have signed up for Bloglovin! Taking this all into consideration in about a month I will be closing this blog and moving all my Art and Projects/Creations over to Lulu's Lovlies with the look of this blog and the Lulu's Lovlies  name.
I'm going to a 2 column layout so we can view larger photos. I hope you will follow me and you will be seeing more Art and Swap/Party links. It has become just too difficult and time consuming to maintain 2 blogs when the post are so similar and can be merged  into one. In doing this I will be able to go back to posting more often. The Bloglovin link is on Lulu's Lovlies blog and it is easy to sign up.  I think we still will have Google Friends connect but the rest, who knows. Change is inevitable in everything so that being said we just go with the flow here:)