Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Introducing "Contessa de la Whimssicale"

De "Hat" I think it is My Crown!
De "Face" not so Young!  aww but"No Moustache"
De "Bouquet and de Belly Buttons" Wanna Belly Dance?? Anyone??

De "Feet" Happy Feet!!
Anyone seen "Pierre?" de Cad!!
Introducing The "Countessa de la Whimssicale" of France

My Pierre accused me of being a Cougar and I found I had been thrown over  a younger woman, when I assumed I had a date for thee Opera, I have decided I don't need that cad after all and I'm hoping to encounter a gentlemen of more means, might there be any out there?? I think I still have a few more years in me my dear...... what a scoundrel he was, meanwhile I shall go Dancin' with my" Happy Feet" I keep you posted when new suitors occur, Until then...... Good Evening my friends!                                                              My first  attempt at working with Paper Clay in a class held at the Artful Gathering given by Christy Meyers of "CC Whimsies" and I had a lot of fun. I would like to work more with paper clay to improve and create in my own style or vision down the line and mainly for my own pleasure. It is rewarding and fun to learn something totally new and not like anything I have ever done before. I  just love trying new things  in all areas of my life as it to me is an "adventure" in creativity, some I may like and some not but will always apply what I learn in other areas of my creations and already have many ideas for this medium. More to be explored and practiced, what fun!

Hats, hats, I love to Try on New Hats!

I love to try out new things, Yes I'm a wearer of many hats and have been all my life, daughter, sister, best friend, wife, Mother, Grandmother, employee, manager,  student, artist and probably more that haven't even occurred to me. New hats are  fun and learning how to create something totally different and the process of learning is like a breath of fresh air to me. I had a great time at the Artful Gathering and re-visited paper and fabrics in a whole new way and yes more.... many friendships were made and the whole process was very refreshing. I hope to keep growing and learning all the days of my life. Here is a "New Hat" and a new creative journey to explore. Life is Grand!