Sunday, September 9, 2012

Prayer Flags for Today

Hi There my blogging friends, I hope your week has been a good one no matter how you spent it. Today I'm shing with you the Prayer Flags I created for Creative Swaps hosted by the lovely Lenna Andrews. We were to create 3 Prayer Flags with a word or theme  and these were mine. They were made with washed canvas cloth, muslin, scrim, burlap, sari silk ribbon and images printed on fabric sheets. I did some machine sewing and added embellishments such as buttons, twigs, feather, jewelry finds and misc objects. They were sized 5 x 8 inch to keep in the swap format. They are fun and easy to make and give. They are to be hung outside in the breeze and the prayers are to go into the universe like a blessing cast to the wind.  Have fun and  you create your own style Prayer Flag.