Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome to Heartful Creations "Spaces, Nooks and Crannies" A Journey of Creativity

Welcome to My Sewing Room ( 1/2 Garage)  My Space Too Cold in Winter  Too Hot in Summer so I have the Nooks and Crannies
Welcome to My Bedroom (Nook) computer/storage/sleep
A Quilt Created for a Gift
"Altered Journal"   created for a Giveaway 
Some Etsy Creations
Paper Filigree Works in Progress
Favorite Photo of my Daddy
My Love of Vintage Photos 
Grannie's  Crannie 
 Welcome to "Heartful Creations" and a journey of "Spaces, Nooks and Crannies". As Artists and Creative souls we are all constantly learning, creating and evolving. The first of the photos are of my Sewing room, (half of converted garage) then we move to a spot in my bedroom (too bad I have to sleep) which houses my computer and some scrapbooking/ paper supplies. The latest above is a part of the family room I recently took over. Umm.. I looked at it as Unused Real Estate and carved out "Grannies Crannie".  Behind all those curtains are boxes and trays of gentle unused or soon to be repurposed treasures. What appears to be clutter to some is the good stuff to me. All with a purpose in mind. I have all my life, even as a child been a lover of creating something, anything and everything. Always wanting to try new things, for me creating is like breathing. As a Mother of four, Grandmother of five and Canine lover of three at the moment, I'm always thinking of the next thing and what part of the house I can carve out a spot for myself to work in. I don't have a full on Studio (though I wish I did) so instead I have what I call my "Nooks and Crannies in  Spaces" that I  created for myself and at any given moment I can sit down and work on the latest project on hand. I gave you a glimpse of  a few different projects I have created over the past year or so in the area of Sewing, Quilting, Paper filigree, Altered arts, paper crafting, ect. Some have been gifts, some have been for my Etsy Shoppe and others have been for giveaways. I over the years as you can see I have accumulated tons of supplies and fabrics and everything has a purpose. My favorites are vintage fabrics, laces, photos and repurposed objects.  Saturday I will be taking classes at the Artful Gathering, so if I don't get by right away for a visit to all of you please leave a comment and I will be stopping by. I would like to thank Karen of My Desert Cottage for hosting this 3rd Annual "Where Bloggers Create" blog party and for all the wonderful help she has given bloggers over the past year, including me. Karen "You are the Best" and I wouldn't be here today doing this if it wasn't for you. When it comes to blogging Karen has taught me pretty much everything I know. Big Hugs to her! I'm also linking up to Beverly's How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday. Thank you Beverly for the suggestion to link both.:) Remember it isn't "Where you Create, how Pretty your Space is, but what doing what makes you Happy and actually "Creating"! Enjoy the Journey! Now I'm off to take some classes and learn how to create some more of the things I love.                                              

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BIRDSONG TAG SWAP "A Few More to Share "

A few more tags to share with all of you that I created for the Birdsong Tag Swap. You can find the link on my sidebar to the right. This was really a fun swap! Have a wonderful creative week!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

BIRDSONG TAG SWAP "A Few of My Creations"

 Here are a few of the tags I created for the Birdsong Tag Swap at  Karla's Cottage  that I thought I would share with all of you peeps. They were lots of fun to create and I sent off  7 and one for our hostess. I made each one entirely different but started off with the same base paper. The only rule for this swap was to include a bird on each one. So easy and so much fun! I thought I would share a few each day this week as I have been getting ready for  Where Bloggers Create 2011  held at the Desert Cottage and the Artful Gathering  Event. Wouldn't want ya'all to get bored!!