Friday, November 18, 2011

"Lulu's Loves Vintage" Fabric and Photos

                                          This is a page from my Fabric collage book and these are the parents of the children on the front cover, my Grandparents. I am my worst critic since it is driving me crazy that the  fabric transfer photo puckered on the left side. If I can figure out how to fix it without destroying the page I will, until then this is it. Next time I will know to place a piece of cardboard/chipboard underneath to help it lay flat, but since I didn't realize this was going to happen as this is my first book of this nature, always learning and living with our imperfections. I guess I need to overcome that. Today I'm linking up with Honey of 2805 Potpourri Friday and would like to give her a big "Thank You" for having me as one of her featured  bloggers today. I'm humbled and honored to be chosen, Hugs Honey and thanks again.:)