Saturday, April 28, 2012

Journal Journey

This is a page from my Journal Journey workbook for April. It is to represent "strong" A little different look for me but I like to try new techniques and experiment. How is your life's journey? Keep creating and doing what you love. Quite a switch I was thinking after spending the day at church working on quilts for the needs in our community and others:)                

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sharing Some Postcard Art

Mother's Day 
Father's Day
Today I'm sharing with you my 3 latest Postcard Art creations that were designed for a monthly swap that I participate in. They are fun to create and receive, 5 are sent out for the theme of the month and you receive 5  different ones in return. A good way to practice techniques and enjoy some art. The Mother's Day card was created with an old photo of me taken by my husband years ago with my 2 youngest children the first week home from the hospital. The 2nd one is an old photo of my husband's Great Grandfather who was a Lighthouse Keeper in the mid 1800's, I call this  one Father Time. The last is taken from the  Graphics Fairy  and I added some words and inks, stamps, ect.