Monday, November 29, 2010


My latest creation just posted today, the largest and most intricate piece I have created. This is an Emu Egg with a Victorian design of paper filigree. Each piece of paper is hand cut and twisted and shaped one at a time, then placed on individually by special tweezers after being dipped in a matte art glue, upon drying the the back round is created and then vintage leaves are hand cut from larger leaves, edged in german glass glitter. Upon drying the poinsettias are brushed with glue and hand glittered. Then after drying the back round is brushed with matte glue and more german glass glitter is applied. A piece of vintage tinsel is added to the top and inserted in a hole and glued in place. The bottom has a vintage teardrop pearl added and the poinsettias have clustered centers of tiny vintage pearls. Each one of my ornaments have a vintage/victorian flare with vintage jewelry added. They are OOAK and come hand signed. It requires approximately a week to finish each ornament. This art is generally called quilling which is the Art of paper filigree, to me this is quilling at its Best!