Friday, May 20, 2011


Here is a book I created for one of my Grandgirls that was taken from a kit and put together when I was attending Friday Night Crops , before all of them went out of business. I had a lot of fun with this book,  feel free to borrow the pic's and or ideas to create your own OOAK books great for swaps or gift giving.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Story Book Character Challenge Presenting "The Queen of Hearts" aka Alien Child

Well she is finally finished and this is my Alien child and was a real challenge for me as her face was not going to match who I had in mind so she ended up being the "The Queen" of Hearts, that is. I lean more to sweet, pretty and cute with a vintage style but rather than quit I went with it and gave it my best shot. I can see I am much better in creatively dressing and hairstyling than painting so I put my imagination to work. This was a fun challenge but next time I'm just going to make something I like and not limit myself to a class challenge. She became like homework until I started dressing her then it was fun. lol Now this week I'm off to have some fun and I'm in a mini altered book swap and want to get busy on that which I already  know I will love and can't wait to start. See ya all soon when the next project is in.
Doin' The Happy Dance!