Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Have A Charming Halloween

All Wrapped Up with Treats too!

Hi There fellow bloggers! Sharing a little bit of Halloween fun with you, as I recently participated in a Halloween Charm Swap over at  Vintiquities  hosted by the sweet Thespoena McLaughlin. It turned out to be a great swap and I had never participated in a swap of this type before so I had lots of fun creating.  Each gal made 15 Halloween charms and then they were swapped by our hostess. The object was to create a charm bracelet but I decided to use them to hang from my little Spooktactular  Boo Tree which graces my Art table in my workspace this time of year.
The Fifteen Charms I Created

A big thank you to all the Creative Artist that I received charms from, Tammy K,  Thespoena,  Deb Patrick,  Ginger Swanson,  Sandy Babb,  Dana James,  Kathy,  Lynn Stevens,  Jeanne Gripp, Virginia Abshire, Tina Schiefer,  Rhea Freitag,  Darci, and Lexi.  Happy Halloween girls and now off to decorate my Spooktacular Boo Tree. Happy Halloween!