Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create Blog Party 2012 "My Creative Space"

My Latest Creation Along With My Muse the Inspirational Dress Form and Occasional Pin Cushion 
An Overview of My Workspace
My Singer Retro Sewing Machine and I Still Have My Mom's Feather Weight which looks like a Mini Version
Yes, Cartoons in the Backround, Grandchildren Visit:)
Music to Work By
Across From My Work Table
Another Overview
Behind My Work Table My Side Board now holds laces, linens and goodies to work with along with Jars of  Yarns, Trims and Book boxes full of Supplies
A Few Of My Favorite Things
My Beautiful Mom and Dad when he was  just a boy, love vintage family pic's!
My Mom's Baby Shoes 
Mom's Baby Dress and Shoes shown above
My Retro Singer on my Vintage  New Home Machine Cabinet ( New Home doesn't work)
Wire Dress Form Holding Post Cards from Swaps
Yep, Cartoons again:)
Cartoons, but then again when working I can watch a Movie or Videos from previous Workshops I have taken when wanting reference
Vintage Hat Box full of Laces
Storage for Books, magazines full of Great Eye Candy
Work Table purchased from the Goodwill with cut down curtains installed with spring rods and can be removed for washing and covers up more storage underneath on both sides with other side open
Work Table I added a Tape Measure to the edge, very handy, Sewing Machine Drawers to the left hold paint brushes, stamps, inks ect.
Double door closet with doors open for storage with shoe bags hung on the inside come in very handy. When I was Very young and a new Mom this was my Sewing Closet and inside was a machine on a narrow table I would sew on when the children were napping:)
Once was a bookcase, now hold jars of supplies, kinda like a candy store to me:)
To the left a shoe rack painted and used as a riser on the cabinet holds laces, yarns and seam binding ready to crinkle, to the right a bookcase holding more jars of eye candy, in the center a wood burning fireplace that faces the other room
Mommy Ny biggest Inspiration and Fan
Daddy You Always Believed In Me and to Follow My Dreams

Welcome to My Creative Space,  my newly decorated Studio  dedicated to my beautiful Mom and handsome Daddy who helped me become the woman I am today. It all began last summer in my Family room. All my life I have worked here and there within my home and I finally realized that I was wasting a perfectly wonderful room that really didn't get totally used as it should be. With children grown and grandchildren visits I wanted something family friendly to be sure. Starting out with repainting and a total furniture re-arrangement, it worked better than I expected and this is where I spend most of my creative time. I still have my wonderful sewing room that provides extra storage and another machine but this is my "work central". I would like to thank our lovely hostess Karen of  My Desert Cottage for bringing is all together  to share space, storage ideas and peek into each others worlds for a weekend of fun and friendships. Karen we love you!    Linking up to sweet Beverly of How Sweet The Sound too.