Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Boho Bag" My Latest Creation

I finally finished my Crazy Quilting class over at the Artful Gathering. I decided I needed a larger version of the purse and so I turned my bag into a flap and added it to my tote, called a Boho Bag. I free form cut out the shape I needed and added an extension to original bag and attached it to the larger bag. Then a strap and lining of  linen were added. A cut down  napkin  created an inner pocket like most bags have, leaving the pocket open at the top for things like cell phone, keys, lipstick ect. that you would always be digging for at the bottom of your purse. Whalaa, a finished useful tote that I love. The front of the bag is actually part of the crazy quilted project from the class and I gave it a different life.