Friday, May 13, 2011

Acrylic ScrapBook in My Creative Stash

This is a cover of an Acrylic scrapbook I made a few years back when I would attend Friday night crops at my favorite scrapbooking spot. I thought it would be a fun share for those who don't follow my personal blog. If you would like to see the remaining pages click on the link at the top for My Blog. I still have to add pic's but it was a fun project when all the scrapbooking stores were open, as most have gone out of business. This is created with rub ons, inks, papers, flowers and bling along with ribbons and rings. This is a 7 by 7 acrylic book with 6 pages.   

Monday, May 9, 2011

WIP Alien Child for Storybook Character Challenge

I just wanted to share my progress on my First attempt at a doll for my Cloth and Clay Doll Group. The last one never was finished as she was just a mess. This child looks way to adult for me but she is what she is, all cloth, gesso and paint. I have never painted a face before and from scratch is a challenge for sure. I'm sure when she gets hair and clothing she will look a whole bunch better. I'm still trying to improve her mouth but..... practice, practice, practice, in time I hope to improve. Back to work May 15th is the Deadline for this challenge.