Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Art Journal May 2nd and 3rd

This is taking way more than 10 minutes a day, umm, I may go to posting every few days!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

"May Journal" Ten Minutes a Day for Me

Today I joined Julie of Balzer Designs for her Art Journal group "May Ten Minutes a Day for Me". I have committed 10 minutes a day just for fun on an Art Journal for me. Don't forget to stop by to see everyones work. This is my May 1st page, and I find it very relaxing and fun. I hope to see you tomorrow!

Story Book Character Challenge or Alien?

A WIP for the Cloth and Clay doll Group. She now has her first coat of gesso, this is it so far, will she be a Story Book Character or an Alien?? At this point she looks more alien to me but heck I'm always up for a challenge, time will tell, after all you know the old saying clothes makes the girl? For her that maybe just what will have to happen. I have until May 15th to finish this, alien/storybook child?? I guess she will be whatever she will be, after all a girl can be what ever she wants if she works hard!